Bathroom Accessories for a Complete Bathroom

Bathrooms are an indispensable part of all homes. It is used on a daily basis to ensure your personal cleanliness and hygiene. As such, a lot of importance is attached to the design and maintenance of a bathroom. A bathroom that is up to date and in sync with the latest trend is sure to make your life easy.

Though bathrooms are a part of your everyday life, you hardly pay attention to the various accessories used in the bathroom. These accessories not only add to the beauty and style of your bathroom but also its overall functionality.

Types of Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories can be broadly divided into two. One is the shower accessories that are used in the shower area. The other is general bathroom accessories that are used for the whole bathroom.  

General Bathroom Accessories

  • Towel Bar: These are meant to hang bath towels in the bathroom. Towel bars usually are fixed near the bathroom sink and shower area. The number and type of towel bars is purely a personal choice.

Towel bars are available as hooks, rings, rail or rack. Hooks and rings are mostly used near the sink. Rails and racks are used for hanging multiple towels. They are mostly fixed near the shower enclosure.

  • Toilet paper holder: Toilet paper holders are also available in different varieties. The recessed holder is flushed against the bathroom wall and does not project out. A tank-mounted holder is fixed on the side of the water tank. This type of holder is used when you do not have space in your bathroom.

If you have a spacious bathroom, then you can go for a freestanding holder. This type of holders also provides a stylish look to the bathroom.

  • Soapdish: Soap dishes are normally available as accessories set consisting of a dish, soap dispenser, lotion dispenser, and toothbrush holder. It is best to purchase these bathroom sets in the same color and pattern for a co-ordinated look.


Shower Accessories

Ø Massage shower jet: These are jet sprays that are attached to the wall of the shower. These jets spray water to the pressure points of the body. Thus, it provides an entirely relaxing experience.

Jet sprays are generally used if you want to provide a spa-like feel to your bathroom.

Ø Shower handles (valve): Handles are attached to the wall to control the flow and temperature of the water. Handles are available in different designs and numbers and you can select one depending on your requirement.

Ø Sliding shower rail: These rails are used for holding the hand shower in your bathroom. The shower rails are fixed to the wall and the hand shower is mounted on it.

Ø Bathroom shower hose: Hoses are attached to the hand shower to control the flow of water. Hoses are made of high-quality material that can adjust to both hot and cold water.


 Nora Gold Finish 1/2 "Hose Connection Bathroom Shower Hose


Why Should You Go for Shower Accessories?

Shower accessories are a must-have in any modern bathroom. It provides a glamorous look and feel to the bathroom. Having the right type and style of shower accessory helps you to take your bathroom décor to a new level.

The overall functionality of the bathroom is enhanced by going for shower accessories.

Here are some reasons to use shower accessories in your bathroom

ü Added functionality: If you want to provide some additional features to your shower, then a shower accessory is a must-have.

For eg; Suppose you want to divert the flow of water between the showerhead and hand shower. Then you should have a separate handle that helps redirect the water flow.

ü Added style: Shower accessories are available in different finishes. You can select a finish depending on the theme of the décor of your bathroom.

If you want to provide a contemporary touch to your bathroom, then shower accessories in chrome would be the right choice. Oil rubbed bronze accessories are best suited to create a bold look in the bathroom. If you want to provide a rich and luxurious look, then accessories in a gold finish are the best bet.


What Are the Benefits of going for Shower Accessories?

  • Excellent quality: Shower accessories are made of materials like steel and brass. Because of the superb quality, the accessories once installed, will stay for long.
  • Different price ranges: All shower accessories are available in various price ranges. The price of a fitting depends on its finish and features.


For, eg; A massage jet spray is available from $80 to $146. The low-priced model comes in a single finish and has a low profile design. The high-end model is available in different finishes and has additional features like spray adjustment.


What are the things to Consider While Purchasing Shower Accessories?

  • Your requirement: The end-users need is the primary consideration while purchasing shower accessories.

For, eg; Why do you plan to buy a massage jet? If it is just to provide a spa-like look to your bathroom, then a basic model would do. On the other hand, if you plan to get a proper massage, then an adjustable jet spray is the right choice.

  • Design of the bathroom: If your bathroom is designed in a contemporary style, then you can go for chrome finished accessory.

If you want accessories that would blend with any colors, then oil-rubbed bronze would be the right choice. For an aged and rough look, you can opt for a brushed nickel finish.

It would be best not to go for colored accessories as it may not blend with all designs. Neutral shades like silver and black are the best choice for shower accessories.

  • Your budget: As mentioned earlier, shower accessories are available in different price ranges. If you are tight on budget, then you can go for the most basic style with a simple finish. If the budget is not a constraint, then you can opt for a high-end model of the accessory.

The beauty of a bathroom depends not just on the wall color and tiles. The quality and style of bath accessories are also very important. By going for high-quality accessories, you can provide a sophisticated and elegant look to your bathroom.