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4 Bathroom Faucet Finishes For A Glamorous Look

bathroom faucet finishes

One of the best ways to transform the overall look of your bathroom is to change the bathroom fixtures. This is because bathroom fixtures have a huge impact on the look of the bathroom. Selecting fixtures that blend with the bathroom’s overall style can take your bathroom decor to a completely new level.

Before you change the bathroom fixtures, you should have an idea about the type of finishes the fixtures are available. This helps you in selecting the right type of fixture for the bathroom.

Which Are The Different Finishes of Bathroom Faucets?

Finish refers to the appearance of the faucet ie a shiny, mirrored or muted look. Below are the different finishes in which bathroom faucets are available.

1. Polished Finish Faucets

A polished finish provides a mirrored and shiny look to the faucet. The faucet will have a clean surface with a glossy finish. Polished nickel and polished brass are the two types of polished finishes available in the market. Polished nickel has a silver finish with a glossy texture whereas polished brass has a yellow to a golden hue with a glossy surface.

Polished finishes provide a luxe and glamorous look to the fixture. It is easy to maintain as the surface is smooth. It is also easy to match with other accessories in the bathroom. However, water spots and finger marks are easily visible in polished finishes. They are also more expensive than other finishes.

Fixtures with polished finish would look great in both modern and traditional styles of bathrooms.

2. Brushed Finish Faucets

The brushed finish provides a matte appearance to the fixture. A wire brush is used to provide this finish. The most commonly found brushed finish is brushed nickel. This soft metallic finish with a silvery surface provides a stunning look to the bathroom.

The main advantage of a brushed finish is that fingerprints and water spots may not be visible. This is because the small abrasions caused by the wire brush leave a matte finish on its surface. Moreover, the finish is highly durable when compared to other finishes. It is also easy to clean. The main drawback of brushed finish is that it may not blend with all other finishes.

3. Oil rubbed Finish Faucets

oil rubbed bronze faucets

Oil rubbed finish is a darkened finish that is provided with a special hue through a chemical reaction. This darkening simulates aged bronze and provides a bold look to the bathroom. Oil rubbed bronze has a copper undertone with deep chocolate brown to a dark grey shade. This finish is mostly applied to bronze and brass material.

The benefit of going for an oil-rubbed finish is that it is highly durable. It is also easy to clean and maintain. Because of the dark shade, it does not show fingerprints or watermarks. It can also be easily matched with other finishes. However, fixtures with oil rubbed finish are more expensive than polished and brushed finishes. Thus, if you are tight on budget oil rubbed bronze fixtures are not for you.

4. Copper Finish Faucets

The copper finish makes use of copper as a protective layering for the faucet. The bold and classic shade of copper provides a rich look to the bathroom. Copper looks stunning when mixed with a sutler shade like marble. A copper finished sink with a marble countertop is a statement piece in any bathroom. It would look best in rustic and farmhouse style of decor.

The main advantage of copper is its antibacterial properties. It is corrosion resistant and hence is highly durable. The bold reddish-gold finish of copper provides an attractive look to the faucet. The main drawback of copper finish is that it may not suit all types of bathrooms. Thus, you should carefully consider other fixtures and fittings before deciding on a copper finished faucet.

Which Are The Materials Used In Bathroom Faucets?

Bathroom faucets are mostly made of four different materials – chrome, nickel, bronze and brass. All the above finishes are applied to these materials to get the faucets of your choice.

1. Chrome: Chrome is one of the most popular type of material used in bathroom faucets. It’s classic look and versatility makes it easy to pair it with other finishes. Chrome is highly durable and can resist corrosion. But the main drawback of chrome is that water spots and fingerprints are clearly visible in this material.

2. Nickel: Nickel is almost similar to chrome, but has a slightly darker finish. The most popular type of nickel finish used in bathroom faucets is brushed nickel.

3. Bronze: If you want to provide a rustic look to your bathroom, bronze is the best option. Bronze with an oil-rubbed finish is widely used in bathroom faucets as it is highly durable. Moreover, water spots are not visible in this combination.

4. Brass: If you want to provide a warmer tone to the bathroom decor, brass is the right material. It is durable and very easy to maintain.

Which Type Of Bathroom Faucet Finish To Go For?
The type of bathroom faucet finish to select depends on the style of the decor of the bathroom.

Contemporary: In a contemporary style bathroom, both brushed and polished faucets would look good. You can go for a polished nickel or brushed nickel faucet depending on your preference. An oil-rubbed bronze finish would look good if you want to create a bold style statement in your bathroom.

Traditional: A copper finish would be a good option in a traditional style bathroom. The reddish-gold finish of the copper is a classic shade that provides an elegant and classic look to the bathroom.
When selecting a bathroom faucet finish it is very important that it blends with other fixtures and accessories of the bathroom. An improperly selected bathroom faucet fixture can tarnish the image of the bathroom and make it look less attractive. Clearly understanding the type of decor followed in the bathroom helps a lot in selecting the right type of bathroom faucet finish.