5 Facts About LED Faucets You May Not Have Known

bathroom led faucet

The kitchen and bathroom are two areas of the house that gets the maximum attention from homeowners. One reason could be the ever-changing style in bathroom and kitchen design. Whether it is the fixtures that are used or the general color scheme that is followed, you can witness changes year on year.

One aspect of the bathroom and kitchen design that is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays is LED faucets. These are faucets that come with in-built LED lights for that luxurious look and feel.

If you are planning to purchase LED faucets for your bathroom or kitchen, here are a few facts you should know.

1. Cost: The general notion is that LED faucets are very costly. Of course, there are faucets with additional features and designs that can be costly. But on average, an LED faucet costs anywhere between $200 to $400.
The cost of the faucet varies depending on the type of faucet and its design.

2. Material: Most of the LED faucets are made of brass. Brass is a highly durable material that can withstand the temperature fluctuation of water. Thus, you do not have to worry about the faucet getting damaged easily. Once installed, it is sure to last for years.

3. Environmental impact: LED faucets work based on water pressure. The light glows when you switch on the faucet and turns off when the faucet is closed. Thus, there is no energy consumption while using the faucet. The environmental impact of LED faucet is zero.

4. Focused light: LED faucet makes your task easy as the light is focused. Thus, even if you are washing vessels in the kitchen or cleaning your makeup brush in the bathroom, you can see things clearly because of the focused light from the LED faucet.

5. Change of color: In most of the LED faucets, the color of the light changes depending on the temperature of the water. When you switch on the faucet, the color will generally be blue. As the temperature increases, the color changes from blue to green. When the water is very hot, the LED light will be red in color. This change in color creates a dramatic look in your kitchen or bathroom.

LED faucets are more than just luxury. It takes your kitchen and bathroom décor to an entirely new level without affecting the functionality.

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