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5 Things to Consider While Purchasing Bathroom Faucets

bathroom led faucet

Are you going for a brand-new home with the latest fittings and fixtures? Do you plan to renovate your home in line with the latest in interior design? Then bathroom renovation with the latest bathroom faucets would definitely be in your list.

Bathroom design is one area in interior design that witness significant changes year-on-year. From a variety of tile designs to state-of-the-art fixtures and fittings, bathroom design is evolving like never before.

One aspect of bathroom design that can bring a change in the overall look and feel is in the bathroom faucet. The bathroom faucet is no more a simple fitting for controlling the flow of water. It is a designer piece that can bring about an instant change to your bath area.

Why Should You Go for a Modern Bathroom Faucet?

There are various reasons why homeowners opt for the latest in bathroom faucet

  • A new bathroom faucet can instantly uplift the overall ambiance of the bathroom without affecting its functionality.
  • New bathroom faucets come with a ceramic valve that offers a drip-free operation. Thus, there is no unnecessary wastage of water when you opt for a modern bathroom faucet.
  • Bathroom faucets are available in different styles and designs. Thus, you can opt for one depending on the overall style of your bathroom.
  • Modern bathroom faucets are available with unique features like LED lights and swivel spout. Depending on your budget and requirement, you can opt for a faucet with any feature.

What Are the Things to Consider While Purchasing Bathroom Faucets?

  1. Type : Bathroom faucets are available in different designs and styles. You should select one depending on the overall design of the bathroom and the style of the bathroom sink.

If you are looking for a simple design, then a single-handle faucet would be the best choice. This type of faucet would be best for standard bathroom sink or pedestal sink.

Luxury Style Chrome & Gold Deck Mount Bathroom Faucet
Juno Luxury style chrome faucet

If you have an under-mount sink, then you can go for a bridge-style faucet or center set faucet. In the case of a bridge-style faucet, the spout will be at the center. It will be connected to two handles on either side. Thus, it resembles a bridge.

The center set faucet has the same design. But there will be no bridge connecting the spout and the handles. There should be three separate holes for the spout and two handles.

If you have a vessel shaped sink, then you can go for a free-standing faucet. This type of faucet will be tall to reach above the sink.

  1. Features: Gone are the days when faucets used to be simple and plain with just one handle. Now faucets come with different features to add to the functionality of the bathroom.

If you want to provide a luxurious look to your bathroom, then you can opt for faucet with an in-built LED light.

LED faucets changes its color depending on the temperature of the water. When the water is cold, the light will be blue. As the temperature crosses 25 degrees, the color changes to green. When the water is very hot, the color changes to red.


Juno New Design Deck Mount Waterfall LED Bathroom Sink Faucet
Juno new design bathroom sink faucet

Another unique feature is the swivel spout. In this type of faucet, the spout can be moved in any direction as you want. This provides flexibility in operation.

Yet another type of faucet is the motion sensor faucet. This type of faucet is mostly found in hotels and other commercial establishments. In this type of faucet, a motion sensor senses the movement of the hand. Accordingly, the flow of water is regulated.

  1. Type of installation: This depends on the type of sink you are using. If you have a top-mounted or under-mounted sink, then you can go for a deck-mounted faucet. This is the most popular type of faucet available.

If you have a vessel sink, then you can opt for a wall-mounted faucet. But you should ensure that the faucet is long enough to reach the sink. In the case of wall-mounted faucet with short spout, you should adjust the sink accordingly.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Glass Sink Faucet
Juno Black Wall Mount Bathroom Glass Sink Faucet

A free-standing faucet is a tall faucet that is fixed to the countertop. This type of faucet is normally used for vessel type sink. Free-standing faucets are normally tall so that it stands above the sink.

  1. Type of finish: The most common finish for bathroom faucet is chrome. But you can also find faucets in other finishes. Oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, antique brass and chrome and other finishes for bathroom faucet.

If you want to create a striking look to your bathroom, then oil-rubbed bronze finish faucet is the right choice. Faucets with this finish stand out owing to the bright hue.

Modern Blackened Oil-Rubbed Bronze Wall Mount Sink Faucet
Juno Modern Blackened Oil-Rubbed Bronze Wall Mount Sink Faucet

For an antique touch to your bathroom, you can opt for a faucet with antique brass finish. This provides an aged look to the bathroom.

If you want to provide a rich look and feel to your bathroom, then gold faucets are the right choice. Faucets in plain gold, as well as gold and other combinations like white, are available.

  1. Budget: The amount you are ready to spend should also be given due consideration. The general notion is that modern bathroom faucets are very expensive. But it is not so.

The price of a faucet depends on the features and its finish. A normal single-handle faucet in chrome finish is available for $100. The price goes up depending on the finish and the additional features available.

The bridge style and center set faucets would cost around $150 – $170. Faucets in the oil-rubbed bronze finish are available for $200. Free-standing faucets are slightly more expensive owing to its design.


Thus, there are several things that you should consider while purchasing a bathroom faucet. You should never go by the looks alone, though it plays a major role. Depending on the amount you are ready to spend, you can go for a state-of-the-art model in bathroom faucet.

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