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5 Types of Rain Shower Heads to Choose From

rain shower heads

Rain shower heads have revolutionized bathroom designs like never before. It not only provides a luxurious look to the bathroom, but also makes your showering experience fun and enjoyable. From a daily cleansing ritual, showering has now become a relaxing experience thanks to the rain shower head.

But do you know that rain shower heads are of different types? Apart from the traditional fixed shower head, rain shower heads are now available in different designs and installation types.

Let us have a look at a few of the different types of rain shower heads

Wall Mounted Rain Shower Heads

wall mount rain shower head

These are showerheads that are mounted on the wall of the bathroom. A shower arm connects the shower head to the wall.

These types of shower heads are available in both round and square shapes and have large surface area when compared to a traditional shower head. Water flows from it like rainfall, thus providing a wonderful experience. Unlike a traditional shower head, the pressure of water hitting the body is low thus offering a relaxing experience.

Wall mounted rain shower heads are mostly found in residences.

Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Heads

ceiling mount rain shower head

This type of shower head is installed in the ceiling of the shower area. Ceiling mounted shower heads are of two types. One that is connected to the ceiling using a shower arm and a recessed shower head that is flushed against the ceiling.

Ceiling mounted shower heads are mostly available in square and rectangular shapes, though round showerheads are also available. Recessed ceiling shower heads are mostly used in hotels and other commercial buildings to provide a luxurious look to the bathroom.

Handheld Rain Shower Heads

Handheld Rain Shower Heads

These are shower heads that can be held in hand. A hose connects the shower head to the source of water supply. A handheld shower head is mostly found in round shape.

The main advantage of a handheld shower head is that you can spray water to any part of the body. Thus it offers a concentrated flow of water.

Sliding bar Rain Shower Heads

These are showerheads that are mounted on a bar. The position of the showerhead can be adjusted depending on the person using it. It is basically a hands-free option of the hand shower head. If needed, it can be detached from the bar and used as a hand shower.

Dual Rain Shower Heads

Dual LED Shower Head

A dual shower head consists of either two wall mounted fixed shower heads, or a fixed shower head and a handheld shower head. These are shower heads that are connected to a single water supply source.

Dual rain shower heads come either with a single handle or dual handles. A single handle will have a diverter valve that helps divert the flow of water between the shower heads. In this type of shower head, only one head can be used at a time. In the case of a dual handle shower head, both the shower heads can be turned on simultaneously.

Having a good understanding of the different types of rain shower heads helps you make the right decision. You can purchase shower heads that match the style of decor of your bathroom and your needs when you are well informed.