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Best Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for 2020

Best Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Interior design is one aspect of the home design that witness changes year on year. The trend that has been following for a particular year takes an entirely new dimension at the dawn of the next year. These changes in interior decor style provide uniqueness to the design of each year. One aspect of interior design that gains a lot of significance is bathroom design. Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or constructing a new one, you are sure to find something new every year.

What is the Need for Remodeling a Bathroom?

There are various reasons for remodeling a bathroom. It changes depending on individual needs and preferences. Generally, homeowners undertake bathroom remodeling when

  • The current bathroom design has become outdated.
  • The bathroom fixtures are damaged, and it is not possible to repair it.
  • You wish to have the latest in bathroom design.
  • You want to sell the house. Hence, you want to increase the resale value.


Which Are the Best Ideas for Upgrading the Bathroom in the Coming Year?

Bathroom Remodel Ideas 2020Shower: The concept of a closed shower is becoming pass. The open shower is the new trend in 2020. In an open shower, there will be no shower enclosure. Instead, a glass wall will be installed to separate the wet area from the dry zone.

You need to accommodate all the bathroom fixtures, including the bathtub, in the wet area. Anti-fog mirror, linear drain, misting system are also part of the wet area. The dry area will have a powder room and sink.

The problem with an open shower is that it is not practical for all types of bathrooms. In the case of small bathrooms, it is best to go for the closed shower enclosure. But if the bathroom is large, then the open shower concept can be successfully incorporated.

When it comes to shower fixtures, the rainfall showerhead still continues to be popular in 2020. Though waterfall and mist showers are slowly gaining popularity, people still prefer the trickle of water from the rain shower head. Hand-held showers are also becoming trendy.

Jet sprays are still considered as luxury statements. You can find them in luxurious bathrooms in hotels and resorts.

Bathroom VanityVanity: Console-like vanities are the latest in bathroom design. This type of vanity will have more open space. The storage space will be limited to just one or two drawers.

The console-style vanity would look best in small bathrooms as it creates an illusion of space. But if you want to store your bathroom towels and toiletries, then console vanity is not the right choice.

When it comes to finish, dark and reddish colors are out of trend. You can use light to medium toned wood for vanities.

Lighting: Minimalistic lighting is the trend for 2020. You can go for linear light that provides a special glow to the bathroom.

Mirrors with in-built lights like LEDs are also trendy. These types of mirrors not only make the bathroom look bright but also provide a glamorous look.

For bathrooms decorated in dark hue, tucked in corner lights can be used to brighten the space.

Bathtubs: Standalone bathtubs like clawfoot tubs are the trend for 2020. The unique design and shape of these tubs provide a traditional touch to your decor.

For large bathrooms, you can fix the tub as freestanding without touching the wall. In case the bathroom is small, then you can consider setting it close to the wall to provide a spacious look.

In the case of tiny bathrooms, built-in bathtubs also help to save space.

Another trend that you can notice is the partial use of glass to cover the bathtub. You can install the glass partition towards the side of the showerhead. The other half will be open so that you can freely use the tub.

If the budget is not a constraint, then you can consider a jacuzzi instead of a bathtub. It provides an ultra-modern and glamorous look to your bathroom.

Faucet: Faucets in different styles and shapes will be in use in 2020. Sink faucets in a curved, arc and swivel design are widespread. Faucets in gold metallic, antique brass and oil rubbed bronze will be in trend. For a luxurious feel, you can also use gold faucets.

For bathtubs, rectangular and round faucets with waterfall option is in trend. These faucets provide a luxurious look to the bathroom.

Faucets fitted with LED lights are becoming popular in 2020. These lights change their color depending on the temperature of the water. Thus, faucets with LED lights not only provide a luxurious look. It also helps you to make out how hot or cold the water is just by looking at the color of the light.

Bathroom colors: This is purely a personal choice. If you want your bathroom to be vibrant and lively, then you should go for bold colors. Yellow, orange, and red are some great choices for bathroom walls and tiles.

For people who consider the bathroom as a place to relax and refresh yourself, soothing colors would be the right choice. Colors like blue and green would be the right choice.

If you like undertaking DIY projects, then you can use neutral shades like gray. These colors provide ample scope to redecorate the bathroom as per your choice.

If you want to create a bold style statement, then you can even experiment with black. But black would look good only in large bathrooms. The main advantage of using black is that it helps to tie together other decor elements in the bathroom.

You should stay away from shades of pink as the color is out of fashion. It is best to go for a monochromatic color scheme to get the best result.

Finish: Gone are the days when chrome finish took centerstage. Various other finishes will be on-trend in 2020.

Oil rubbed bronze, black, gold, and copper finish become popular. These finishes provide a unique look and style to your bathroom. It also creates a focal point and can be used as a key element in bathroom decor.

If you want to create a vibrant and affluent look, then gold finish would be the right choice. You can incorporate this finish on fixtures, mirror frames, and furniture frames. You can also use accessories in gold finish like soap dispensers and towel holders.

Similarly, the polished surface is also going out of fashion. Surface in matte or brushed finish gain popularity in the coming year.

Flooring: Tiles continue to be the much sought after material for flooring. It provides timeless beauty to your bathroom. It is both elegant and attractive and is also easy to maintain. Wall tiles are also widely sought after in the coming year.

Of the different types of tiles, terrazzo tiles are the most popular. The main reason for its popularity is the durability of the tile. It lasts for years to come unless you decide to replace it. The cost of installing the tiles is also relatively less. It is also environment-friendly.

When it comes to shape, hexagonal tiles are out of trend. You should opt for simple rectangular tiles that provide a sophisticated look. Wood look-alike tiles are also passe.

For the shower, grouted tiles are out of trend. You can opt for a marble slab that provides a seamless finish to the floor.

Wall: If you have a small bathroom, then you can consider extending the floor tile to the wall, as well. Extending the floor tiles provides a spacious look to the bathroom.

But instead of going for a brick-bond layout, you can opt for vertical tiling. Vertical tiling creates an illusion of height to the bathroom.

If the bathroom is large, then you can experiment with wall tiles. Wall tiles in fish scale shape are the latest trend. You can go for an aquatic teal tone to create a perfect style statement.


Which are the Remodeling Ideas That Are Likely to be Carry Forwarded from 2019?

All bathroom remodeling ideas for 2020 are not new. A few are carried forward from the previous year. Here are some trends that are likely to stay

  • Floating vanities with open space underneath.
  • Bathroom mirrors with in-built LED lights.
  • Large tiles for floor and walls that create a spacious look.
  • Sink faucets in curve, and arc shapes.
  • Closed shower enclosure for small bathrooms.

Bathroom design trends are ever-changing. And you do not want to be stuck with one trend forever. Thus, it is best to incorporate a few changes at a time.

For, eg; you can change the fittings of the bathroom or bathtub as per the latest trend. Let the rest of the design remain the same. This way you can embrace the most recent in design without making a significant change.

The main advantage of partial remodeling is that it does not make the bathroom look too trendy. This comes in favor if you are planning to sell the house in the future.



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