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Creative & Fun Bathroom Tile Ideas

While we may not think about it, or may not even like to admit it, the second most commonly time-spent room in our homes is our bathrooms. Besides our bedrooms where we sleep, the bathroom is the other room where we spend the majority of our time. Not only is it a toiletry, but the bathroom also serves many other functions. It is dentistry, a beauty salon, a spa, a barber shop, a nail salon, a guest room, sometimes a pet spot, and for some that well-needed five-ten-minute break from the rest of the world room.

If you hadn’t thought about its importance before, maybe now is the time to pamper that bathroom that over the years has pampered you so many times in the past. One of the ways we can pamper our bathrooms is by giving it a newer, cleaner, more personalized look by replacing some of those worn out features or walls with a little bit of tile work.

Tile isn’t overly expensive, there are literally hundreds of styles, colors, shapes, sizes, and varieties. If you have cool bathroom tile ideas, it’s almost a certainty that a little bit of tilework can help you achieve that idea and make your comforting bathroom more YOU. We’ve gathered 10 fun and creative bathroom tile ideas to help you get your brainstorming bathroom ideas going.

Alternating Graphic Colors

Adding a graphic touch or design through matching or alternating colors can add a classic, relaxing feel to any bathroom. For example, instead of ripping up that retro look, add a dimension of alternating retro colors and be the trendy talk of the town. How about black and pink, embracing your inner Marilyn or other glam divas, or grey and white with a hint of turquoise ala James Dean? You don’t need to spend a fortune to revamp when you can upcycle and add a splash of new to be the Cool Cat on the block.

Marble Tiles

Marble is never out of style or date. Add a decadent hint or accent the whole room, you can never go wrong with the cool, posh look and feel of marble tiles. A creative way to make your marble tile really stand out is to pair it with contrasting accent pieces. For example, if you choose a lighter tile, accent with dark wood vanity, or if you decide on a black marble floor, highlight with white porcelain.

Focus on the Floor

The floor can be considered a wall you walk on, and its theme can be anywhere from whimsical to exotic. Large Hexagon, Basketweave, Terra-Cotta, and Checkerboard tiles are ideal choices if you want your bathroom floors to make a statement and set the entire tone for the room. Choosing the décor to match the floor can be an exciting decorating dream or challenge.

Personally, I like speckled tile floors that hide hints of dirt easier, especially if you have a house with pets or children.

Different Tile Shapes & Colors

Herringbone, Fish scale, and Small Hexagon, tiles come in the most amazing colors and sizes to create dynamic walls, floors, and bathtub and shower interiors that can create spa atmospheres or mimic fantastical vacation resort bathrooms that you want to recreate. Additionally, these three types of tiles look equally well on both walls and floors creating dramatic effects. Use them alone or with in conjunction with other styles to create the bathroom of dreams. When used correctly, this can also give the appearance of a larger space.

Similar Walls and Floors

If the resort or hotel feel is what you are aiming for in your bathroom design. Having the same wall and floor tile will create a sense of unity, especially when matched with a vanity and tub of premium grade. Large, single color tiles create a clean, linear, professional look that is easy to match and decorate.

Fun with Trim

If you happen to be on a budget, or you want to add that special, additional touch to solid tile walls, trim tiles are a way to liven up, make a statement and set apart your bathroom from other rooms in your house. Suitable tiles for this include Subway Tile, Checkerboard, and Small Hexagons. Trim tiles can be added just about anywhere; they accentuate crown moldings along with ceilings, floorboards, half-way down the center of a wall, in just the shower, or anywhere you want to add additional color.

A Focus Wall

One can always create a beautiful mosaic out of the tile to create a focus bathroom wall.  This can also be done inside the shower and is suggested on the wall where the shower fixtures are so no cutting disruptions occur. Another option is to tile up onto the shower curb from within the shower floor to keep the lines neat and visually appealing and expanding the shower floor. Using different shapes and colors as suggested above would be another great addition to creating a beautiful focal wall.

Same Color Different Shades

If your bathroom has a particular color theme, a great way to accentuate that color or to expand upon that color is to add tile work of your favorite style but in different shades of that color. Imagine a shower wall of cascading delightful blue hues and the water playfully bouncing off. If you want a bright bathroom you might have a focus wall celebrating all the different shades of yellow.

Patterned or Pictured Tiles

One of the many benefits of decorating with tile is that so many have glazed patterns and pictures painted within the surface. You can always mix and match, decorating your floor with a multicolor architectural design, then perhaps choose a solid matching shade in a large square to tile halfway up the wall, while another smaller square with a golden fleur-de-lis trims the center of the wall. Patterns and pictured tiles are a way to personalize and individualize the throne room of your home.

Another unique patterned tile is Limestone Tiles that are embedded with shells and fossilized rocks. These Limestone tiles are ideal for both floors and walls and are each one of a kind pieces of work.

All of these styles of tiles are like adding artwork into your bathroom for you and your guests to enjoy.

Just a Splash, (Back Splash)

Any of the above ways would make a terrific splash in your bathroom, a backsplash that is. Above your vanity, wash area is an ideal spot for a focus wall, a splash of color, a cool design, an unusual geometric shape, trim work, marble; in fact, the backsplash is ideal for any type of tile work you can imagine. If you can think it, it can be created in tile and come to life for you to enjoy.

So, who’s ready to take the plunge? Are you ready to flush away your bathroom woes, and recreate your dream bathroom with your new bathroom tile ideas? We’re stopping with our potty puns, but… (maybe not). However, we do hope we gave you something to ponder in our top ten creative and fun bathroom tile ideas!

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