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Guide to Buying Kitchen Sink Faucet

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Like all other fixtures and fittings of a kitchen, the kitchen sink faucet also plays an important role in defining the kitchen space. The right type of faucet renders the kitchen more functional and makes your task easy. Though looks play a major role in selecting a kitchen sink faucet, it isn’t everything. There are certain other things, which when considered, helps you make the right choice.

Here we present a small guide that helps you in your purchase decision.

What Are the Things to Consider While Purchasing Kitchen Sink Faucet?

● Type of faucet
Kitchen sink faucets are available in different types. Apart from the single handle faucet that is commonly used, you can find pull out faucets, pull down faucets, double handle faucets and motion sensor faucets in the market.

As the name suggests, the pull out faucet can be pulled out from the spout and can be used to clean the surrounding areas. A pull-down faucet can be pulled down which comes handy while cleaning fruits and vegetables. A double handle faucet comes with two handles for controlling hot and cold water. A motion sensor faucet detects the movement of the hand and turns the water on.

● Height and reach of the faucet
Height refers to the distance from the base to the top of the faucet. You should pay special attention to the height if you have any cabinets above the kitchen sink. The height of the cabinet should be such that you can move the hand freely after fixing it.
Reach refers to the distance between the base of the faucet and the tip of the spout. The higher the reach the more easy it will be to wash large vessels in the sink.

● Valves
Faucet valves are of four types – compression valve, ball valve, cartridge valve and ceramic valve. Though all types of valves are long-lasting, ceramic valves are the most effective. If you want a drip-free operation for several years, then ceramic valves are the right choice. The main advantage is that ceramic valve cost the same as other valves.

● Finish
Kitchen sink faucets are available in different finishes. Ideally speaking, you should select a finish that matches the hardware fixed in the kitchen like handles and hinges of cabinet and towel bars. For a contemporary style kitchen, faucets in chrome or gold finish would be a good choice. Antique brass faucet would be the right option for an antique style kitchen.

● Holes in the sink
If you are fixing the kitchen sink faucet for the first time, then you can select any faucet irrespective of the number of holes.

But if you are renovating an existing kitchen, then you should consider the number of holes that are already drilled. If there are two holes, then you can opt for faucets with two holes or a single hole. But if you have already installed a single holed faucet and want to switch over to two holed faucets, then it requires additional work.

If you consider all the above aspects, then you are sure to get the best sink faucet for your kitchen.