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Guide to Buying Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinet

Till a few years back, medicines were stored wherever it was easily reachable. It could be a side table in the bedroom, or a shelf in the kitchen, or a dining area. But in today’s interior decor, medicines are stored in a medicine cabinet away from the prying eyes of kids and pets. In fact, a medicine cabinet has attained a significant place in modern bathroom decor. 


What is a Medicine Cabinet? 

A medicine cabinet is a closed cabinet used in a bathroom for storing medicine and first aid items. Depending on the size of the medicine cabinet, it can also be used to store toiletries and other hygiene products. 

Otherwise called a bathroom cabinet, a medicine cabinet plays an important role in maintaining the overall aesthetics of a bathroom. Modern medicine cabinets come with a mirror in front and thus serve a dual purpose. 

What Are the Things to Consider While Purchasing a Medicine Cabinet? 

Type of cabinet:-

Medicine cabinets are available with mirror, wood, and stainless steel option. While selecting a cabinet, you should consider the overall decor of your bathroom. 

New Juno Bathroom Medicine Cabinet with Mirror

If you have a small bathroom, then a mirrored medicine cabinet is a good choice. The mirror creates an illusion of space and make the bathroom look bigger. If you follow an industrial style of decor for your bathroom, then a stainless steel finish would be the best bet. For a more natural and rustic tone, wooden medicine cabinets can be used. 



The style of the cabinet varies depending on the material. If it is a wooden cabinet, then it can be painted, stained, or of bare finish. If it is a mirrored cabinet, then a mirror will be attached to the front portion of the cabinet. It is difficult to make out the cabinet when you look from the front. If you select a mirrored cabinet, then you should decide whether the edges should be beveled or the mirror should be framed or frameless. 

A mirrored cabinet with an ornamental frame would be a good choice for a traditional or classic style of decor. For a minimalistic and contemporary feel, a frameless mirror is a good choice. 

Besides this, the doors of the cabinet also vary. There are single-door, double-door, and three-door cabinets that you can select from. Some medicine cabinets even come with in-built lights. This makes the cabinet a beautiful decorative piece in your bathroom. 



Medicine Cabinet Organizer Wall Mount


A medicine cabinet can be a wall-mounted or recessed cabinet. As the name suggests, a wall-mounted cabinet is mounted on the wall’s surface using screws and adhesives. The cabinet sticks out from the wall and is quite visible from the outside. Thus, anyone can open it to access the content. 

A recessed cabinet, on the other hand, is in-built on the wall. The mirror in the front is flushed against the wall, and the cabinet, including the hinges, will be completely hidden. Only if you open the mirror can you see the cabinet on the back. Thus, it provides a clean look to the bathroom. But the drawback of this cabinet is that you should make provision for installing the cabinet beforehand. If you are planning to renovate a bathroom, then this type of installation is difficult. 

If you have a small bathroom with hardly any space to move around, then a wall-mounted cabinet is not a good choice as it can be an obstruction. Similarly, if you follow a contemporary decor style for your bathroom, then a recessed mount cabinet would be the right choice. 


Size and shape:-

Medicine cabinets are available in a range of sizes and shapes to suit all types of bathrooms. Apart from the traditional rectangular and square cabinets, you also get beautiful oval cabinets that act as a focal point of your bathroom. You can also install two square cabinets side by side and create a personalized touch to your bathroom. 

When it comes to the size, the main thing to consider is the size of the bathroom vanity. The width of the medicine cabinet should not be more than that of the vanity. As for the height, you should consider the height of the ceiling, the placement of the vanity light and the height of the faucet before finalizing a cabinet. 


Number of shelves:-

This is purely a personal choice. Most of the medicine cabinets come with adjustable shelves. Thus, it is possible to adjust the height as per your requirement. 

If you are planning to store your toiletries and other personal grooming items along with medicines, then you might need more shelves. On the other hand, if you store your personal items in the vanity and use the medicine cabinet only for storing medicines, then a small cabinet would be enough. 



Hardware is another important aspect to consider while purchasing a medicine cabinet. Most of the medicine cabinets have thin doors. Thus, if you close them forcibly, then the door might get damaged. Having soft closing hinges ensure that the doors close slowly without causing any damage. 


Shopping option:-

The new normal has taken away the joy of offline shopping. Now online shopping is the new norm. If you plan to purchase a medicine cabinet from any of the websites you should carefully read the description and clearly understand the product and its installation. 

Are all the hardware included in the product box? Is it easy to install the cabinet or do you need the help of professionals? What is the weight of the cabinet and do they offer curbside delivery? These are a few of the things that you should consider while purchasing a medicine cabinet online. 



Purchasing a medicine cabinet is not a small investment. Depending on the style and model, it can range anywhere from $400 – $2000. Once purchased, you will be using it for years to come. Thus, you should consider all the different aspects before purchasing a medicine cabinet. This ensures that you get the best deal for the amount spent.