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Guide to Buying Rain Shower Head

rain shower head

Rain shower heads are the latest trend in bathroom design. From providing a fun and relaxing showering experience to augmenting the beauty of the bathroom, this type of shower head is preferred in all modern bathrooms.
Style and design is not the only criteria while purchasing a rain shower head. There are certain other things as well that you should consider.
● Type of mounting On the basis of installation, shower heads can be classified into two – ​ceiling shower head ​and wall shower head. A ceiling shower head is one that is fixed on the ceiling using a shower arm. It can also be a recessed type shower head that is flushed against the ceiling.
A wall-mounted showerhead is one that is fixed to the wall using a shower arm. This is the traditional type of showerhead found in most of the houses.

● Finish: Showerheads are available in different types of finishes. Chrome finish, which is widely found, is ideal for contemporary bathrooms. For a traditional style of bathroom, a showerhead in antique brass finish is a good choice. If you want to create a bold style statement, then a showerhead in oil rubbed bronze finish would be a good choice.

● Features: Rain shower heads are available with different features. A ​rain showerhead with light ​comes with LED lights fixed on it that changes color depending on the temperature of the water. When the temperature of the water is low, the color of the light will be blue. As the temperature increases the color changes to green. When the temperature is very high, the color changes to red.

Some rain showerheads come with an option to connect to bluetooth. Thus, you can enjoy music and have a relaxing showering experience. Rain showerheads are also available with a waterfall, and mist option that provides an altogether new dimension to your showering.

● Shape of the showerhead The most common shape of the showerhead is round, which is the conventional style. The main advantage of round showerheads is that it suits all types of bathrooms.

But nowadays square and rectangular showerheads are also widely available. These showerheads provide a stylish and elegant look to the bathroom.

● Size of the showerhead: Rain showerheads are available in different sizes. A showerhead with 8” width would be apt for a small bathroom. Shower in the size of 12” – 16” would be the right choice for a medium sized bathroom.

If you have a large bathroom with a lot of ceiling area, then a 40” showerhead would be the right choice.

● Price: Rain showerheads are available in different price ranges. A simple round showerhead would cost a little above $150. A square showerhead in 10” size would cost around $250. A recessed rectangular showerhead with rainfall and waterfall option would cost more than $1000.

The price of a rain showerhead depends on its size, finish as well as features.
While purchasing a rain showerhead, it is very important that you consider all the above aspects. This ensures that you get the right product for the money spent.