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How to Add a Modern Touch to Your Bathroom?

How to Add a Modern Touch to Your Bathroom

How elegant and aesthetically pleasing a home is depends on how well the rooms are designed. The rooms refer not only to the living room or dining area, but also the bathroom that forms an integral part of a home.
Modernizing a bathroom is in every home owner’s bucket list. It provides a sophisticated and elegant look to the room and is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Apart from the looks, a modern bathroom also has added functionality that makes your everyday grooming much more comfortable.

Here are certain factors to consider while modernizing the bathroom:

• Lighting: A well-lit bathroom can change the overall look of the room. If you have old wall scones, then you can change it to something modern, that blends with the overall theme of the bathroom. You can also place two wall scones on either side of the vanity mirror to add to the glamour of the room.

• Bathtub: Freestanding bathtubs are an indispensable part of a modern bathroom. If you are blessed with a large bath area, then you can place the tub in the center of the room. Otherwise, you can place it on one side and free up space. Clawfoot tub not only provides a modern look to the bathroom but also creates a rich and luxurious feel.

• Shower system: The shower system is part of a modern bathroom. A shower system consists of a rain shower head, handheld shower, and jet sprays. While the rainfall showerhead provides a relaxing feel, the hand shower adds to the functionality of the bathroom.

• Vanity mirror: Vanity mirrors are a part of all bathrooms. But the type and style of the mirror play a key role in providing a modern touch to the bathroom. A mirror with a silver frame provides a simplistic look, yet makes the bathroom appear trendy. To create a feeling of warmth and elegance, you can opt for one with a golden frame. If you want to provide a bold look to the bathroom, then you can opt for a mirror with a black frame.

• Go green: A touch of greenery blends in well with the modern design and brings your bathroom close to nature. You can go for small planters in ceramic with beautiful indoor plants. If you have a large bathroom, then you can even consider placing large pots on the corners. Indoor plants render an elegant look and even purifies the indoor air.

• Floor: Floor tile design changes year on year. You can opt for a modern design that blends well with the overall color and theme of the bathroom. If changing the tiles is too expensive, then you can cover it with a rug in the latest design.

Your personal style and preference, as well as the functionality of the bathroom, should be considered while modernizing the same. Taking into consideration, all these factors will ensure that you get a dream bathroom

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