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How To Clean Shower head??

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Who does not want to bathe in a spick and span bathroom? Every accessory enhances the look of your bathing are and so are the showers. When you take a bath, it is so refreshing using shower. Cleaning your shower takes time and efforts. Of course, you can spend lot of money on cleaning material that may contain harsh ingredients.

However, there are few cleaning tips which help you save money and decrease the use of harsh cleaners.

Get these Cleaning Supplies
If you have white vinegar, household bleach, rubber gloves, old toothbrush and spray bottle, then you have enough supplies for cleaning the shower heads. Keep some old towels and bristle scrub brush handy to get the perfectly cleaned shower head.

Dry the Outer Area
Once you have shower, simply use a squeegee to remove excess water. If you want a more thorough drying, just continue with a towel wipe of doors and walls of shower head. Though it needs a couple of extra minutes but drying your shower will help you in the long run. It is a great way to prevent mildew, soap scum buildup and mold. Besides, it further reduces the time required to clean the shower doors and tiles.

Cleaning Shower Curtains
After showering, always ensure to stretch the curtain and liners lying across the rod. You wish to remove any folds that hold moisture that may turn in mildew. Besides, you can always launder most curtains to remove mildew. Gently wash it in warm water and then hang to dry.

Removing Soap Scum
It is the time to put on your rubber gloves. Then you can scrub shower doors and tile with mixing 1 part white vinegar and 1 part water for removing the soap buildup. Rinsing it properly using warm water is another way to clean it. Vinegar is best for removing the mineral deposits.


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