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Luxury Shower Heads – For Spa Like Experience at Home

Discover luxury shower heads and shower systems with Juno. Immerse yourself in our huge collection of shower heads. We have created them by combining our passion for water and an eye for beauty. At Juno, we treat water with style and elegance and therefore, with our every product you will discover a new side of this natural element that can bring your peace and tranquility right in your bathroom. Check out below a few of the gems we have handpicked from our grand collection of luxury shower heads.

Juno Napoli Shower Set

Juno Napoli Shower Set

A soothing body massage at home? Yes, why not. Juno Napoli shower set has 6 body massage jets that hit the strategic points and offer a luxurious massage right in your bathroom. This luxury shower head offers ultimate bathing experience by combining the shower jets with the rainfall flow. When it comes to looks, this shower head will add to the grace of any bathroom. Moreover, it will last a lifetime because of its brass body and ceramic core. So, if you are looking to bring home one of the luxury shower heads you have seen at the hotels, this is the product for you.

Juno 6 Jetted Body Massage Shower System

Juno Massage Luxury Shower System

Shower systems can easily change the look of your bathroom with their easy charm. Here is one such product that can dazzle your bathroom with its 6 jetted body massage system. It has a rain shower head and a luxurious hand shower along with the 6 jets to give you an out of this world bathing experience.  At Juno Showers, we are mad about water. We have dedicated our lives to creating astounding luxury showerheads that let you use the magical powers of water. This thermostatic shower system will soothe your nerves after a rough day and heal every ache in your body with its massage jets.

Super Luxury 5 Function Ceiling Mount Shower Set

Super Luxury 5 Function Shower Set

Water can heal the soul. If you know what we mean by that sentence, check out this magical shower set from Juno. We have created this 5-function shower system for people who use shower times as relaxation times. It has 5 functions that let you have a bubble shower, rainfall shower, waterfall shower, mist shower, and a chromotherapy shower; all with a single fitting. Moreover, this thermostatic shower is a ceiling mount and also has LED lights. These lights change color automatically according to the temperature of the water. The material used is stainless steel and is recessed which means you can embed it in the ceiling or hang it from there.

Juno Wall Mount Waterfall Faucet

Juno Wall Modern Design Shower Set

If you thought faucets are meant just for sinks and bathtub, we are here to prove you wrong with this gorgeous shower faucet. This chrome shower faucet will help you enjoy a smooth flow on your back and head will give you amazing showers at the end of the day without the traditional sprinkling effect. It is a wall mount product and is ideal for both small and big bathrooms. It also has a handheld shower which offers you flexibility with style. So, this product can be a perfect choice for you if you are looking for a simple yet different wall mounted shower. It is one of our best luxury shower heads, try it to know why we are mad about it.

 Juno New Luxury Digital Display Shower Set

Juno Digital Display Head Shower

Here is a shower system that comes with a digital display, multiple water flow settings, and a handheld showerhead. This is a luxurious product for those who would like to see the temperature of water in numbers and offer multiple options. The thing about this digital shower is that it does not need batteries or wires for its display. Moreover, this is one of Juno’s self-designed luxury shower heads that has been created with a rich imagination and an in-depth understanding of shower systems and different expectations attached to them.

Juno Neysa Waterfall Shower Massage Set

Juno Neysa Shower Massage Set

Juno Neysa is a Cloudburst shower system. Yes, its unique system makes you feel like a cloud burst on your head and every drop that falls down on your body offers a soothing experience. The unique design of this luxury shower head envelopes you completely in the water flow and washes away every ache and pain as you wind up your day. You can choose this shower head to fit in a modern or a traditional bathroom and it will fit cozily even in the smallest of shower spaces. We forgot to mention; this shower system has a nice handheld shower which can also become your mic as you dance under the cloudburst. Isn’t it the best.

Juno New Digital Display 8 Inch Shower Set

Juno Digital Display Shower Set

For all the lovers of digital out there, here is a shower system that looks very traditional but is ultra-modern. This wall mount rain showerhead has a digital display that tells you the temperature of the water and lets you adjust it using the mixer. The thermostatic control system on this set is automatic and does not need batteries or electricity. This ultimate rain shower set is accompanied by an elegant handheld shower which further improves the bathing experience. If you want to make shower time the best time in your household, try this sleek digital setup and thrill all your senses at once with one of the best luxury shower heads ever.

Juno LED Rain Shower Set with Body Jets

Juno LED Rain Shower Head Set

How about a spa experience, on a daily basis? Yes, right! Bring home Juno LED Rain Shower Set with Body Jets and enjoy spa-like luxuries in your bathroom. This shower system is a wall mounted set which is perfect for modern and big bathrooms. This overhead shower system gives you wide coverage with its rain shower along with the LED lights that make bathing a surreal experience. The 6 body jets are fitted on the wall so that they hit the right spots on your body and complete the whole spa experience. This unique product from the house of Juno comes with various settings for water flow and temperature.

Juno Lava Gold Finish Shower Set

Juno Lava Gold Finish Shower Set

Nothing defines royal like the color gold. If you are looking to remodel your bathroom and would like to bring in a luxury shower head, consider this gold finish shower set by Juno. It has a wall mount shower head fitted with color changing LED lights. This product looks grand, offers ultimate bathing experiences and fits easily with any kind of bathroom design. This royal looking shower system also has a handheld showerhead.

Juno Marina Wall-Mount Rainfall and Waterfall Shower Head

Juno Marina Shower Head

Juno Marina is a 2 in 1 shower head which can give you both rainfall as well as waterfall shower head. Wow, isn’t it a luxury to have both the flow options fitted in a single product and enjoy them whenever you like? This is a luxury shower head that is meant for modern bathrooms. If you are renovating or simply looking for a product that will change the vibe of your décor, choose this piece. Juno Marina will easily change the look and feel of your bathroom and will give you lifelong luxury baths.


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