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Perfect Bathroom Storage Ideas for your Bathroom

Organizing a bathroom may be a boring task but living with a cluttered bathroom is no fun either. An organized bathroom means less chaos and more space. It also creates a good ambiance that spreads to the whole house and provides for a systematic atmosphere where every item has a fixed place. So, whether you have a small bathroom or a big one, it always helps if you have a proper storage plan. Here is a list of clever bathroom storage ideas that will make your bathroom look like it got a five-star makeover.

Stacks of Floating Shelves

If you have a small bathroom and do not want to fill it up with bulky vanities, you can go simple with floating shelves. These shelves stacked on one another on the bathroom wall with giving the much-needed space for your soaps, towels and other accessories. Have you ever thought about placing a storage basket on your flush tank and utilizing that space? It is actually doable, do try and save yourself a lot of headaches.

Plan your Awkward Spaces

Sometimes modern ideas like a floating sink can create awkward unused space in the bathroom. Use them with smart bathroom storage ideas like a storage shelf under the sink. A single shelf under the sink will create a lot of space for your accessories and will also add some style to the bathroom with the design you choose. You can get a floating shelf made of any material; wood or plastic based on what you plan to place on it and your own choice of the material.

Baskets Everywhere

Baskets are a good way to store towels and toilet papers and they are quite inexpensive. So, you can buy baskets in different sizes and put them at various spots in your bathroom to give a laid back but organized look. Buy them in different designs and shapes as well to bring in some variety. You can place them in places like under your sink, in the corner of your toilet, on your flush tank and even on the windows if you have a ledge there.

Invest in Bar Carts

Bar carts are smart storage options that can take in a lot of stuff. The best thing about them is they can be moved around as and when needed. With one small stylish bar cart, you can store plenty of stuff and also have a lot of moving space on your bathroom floor. These little storage spaces are stylish, simple, inexpensive and highly useful in bathrooms of sizes and design.

Get a Storage Ladder

Storage ladders are quirky and boho storage options. They take less space, offer a lot of utility and are very light on the pocket. These can work wonders for a small bathroom while taking care of the storage of accessories like indoor plants, towels and some can even accommodate laundry baskets on their base floor. A storage ladder offers an interesting visual element to the blank corner of the bathroom and saves a lot of floor space in the process.

Create a Built-In Storage

One of the most simple, stylish and inexpensive bathroom storage ideas is to create built-in storage spaces in walls. A bathroom wall is often times the most underutilized space. So, rather than getting a traditional vanity that will eat up the floor, find floating shelves that can fit into nooks and crannies. You won’t believe how much storage space you can create in your bathroom with this simple idea. These can also be a good replacement for the old medicine cabinets that you may or may not like.

Hang the Baskets

Yes, you can even hang your baskets to give your bathroom an organized look and make it look big. Hanging baskets can be purchased in several home stores but you can also create them using simple tying methods. In order to try this look, all you have to do is find lightweight baskets so that they hand easily and do not put a lot of weight on the wall once they are loaded.

Refurbish your Old Vanity and Hang it

Who said floor vanities cannot be hanged? If you already have a bathroom vanity but have got bored of it, you can refurbish it to convert into a wall vanity. You can also remodel it with simple bathroom storage ideas like remove its door, add or remove shelves or change the color to make it looks like a brand-new storage option. This idea will save you a lot of money and will also get your DIY juices flowing.

Choose Multipurpose Accessories

One of the clever ways to add up on storage space in the bathroom is to choose multi-purpose accessories. For example, you can choose a mirror with a ledge or a simple shelf. This will let you place small things like toothbrushes, everyday makeup material, etc on the ledge and free up space on the sink. If you like the idea you can also plan for wall mount faucets. This will create an ample amount of space on the sink top.

Place Small Containers on the Wall for Small Things

Bathrooms are stocked with a number of items like swaps, cotton balls, razor heads and so much more. Piling them up in a cabinet doesn’t look nice and they also take a lot of shelf space. You can rather place them neatly in transparent jars or containers and put them on a shelf on the wall. This will make your bathroom clutter free and will also help you find things quickly as and when needed. Small plastic or glass containers are easily found in home stores and are also very inexpensive.

Invest in a Sink Skirt

What is a sink skirt? Well is a cover that goes from the top of the sink to the floor and hides everything that is placed under the sink. A sink skirt is a great bathroom storage idea for small bathrooms. It lets you place multiple storage options under the sink without making space look cluttered and crowded. Find them in the stores in colors that match your bathroom décor and make the most of your small bathroom.

Bring Home a Crate

Find a wooden crate at a store near you and use it to create storage space in your bathroom. A well-fitted crate will let you place heavy bottles of bathroom salts and big sized décor items on it. A crate on the wall will give you a sturdy and big storage space and will solve the fight for space by creating one on the unused walls.

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