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Rain Shower Head with Handheld for a Joyful Drenching Experience!

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If you are planning to give your bathroom a makeover, there are limitless options. The easiest one is to replace the bathroom fixtures with trendy ones to get the contemporary look for your personal space. There is a wide range of shower heads available in the market today like wall mounted, rain shower head with handheld and others. You can determine the type and bring the one that can add a spa-like feel to the bathroom.

Here are the most popular types of shower heads to pick from.

Wall Mount Shower Heads

If you want to keep it simple, then picking wall mount shower heads will be the best idea. It comes in budget and the installation is simple too. For an easy and hassle-free installation, these standard shower heads are the ideal ones. It typically comes with additional features and goes well with existing plumbing. It is a fixed shower head and the most common ones that are used in many homes. However, it comes with a multi-function option that enables you to change the spray patterns.

Handheld Shower Heads


This type of shower head comes with the flexibility of usage. Using them, you can perform multiple functions which is why are shower head with handheld preferred by many homeowners. They can wash hair easily, bathe their kids and pets conveniently and rinse shower enclosures as well. They can be mounted on a wall and comes in brass chrome plating. Offering multiple spray settings, these shower heads are perfect for family bathrooms. Besides, they can be used in combination with the standard ones.

Ceiling-Mounted Rain Showers


As the name reveals, these can be fixed on the ceiling, over your head for a pleasurable drenching experience. They give you the feel of bathing in rain. There is no doubt about the fact that they enhance the look and appeal of your bathroom area but they also need some plumbing upgrades Rain showers serve as a wonderful option for bathrooms that have low ceiling height.

Benefits of Shower Heads

If you are among those who are extra conscious about water-saving then a rain shower head with handheld can help you meet your objective. New models are highly efficient and release less water per minute versus old models. You can check your new shower head for the water sense label. It ensures that the shower head is designed in a way that can aid you to save gallons of water over the years.

Unlike traditional models of shower heads, a rain shower head often brings along versatile features. It not only helps you save water but also gives you the flexibility to use it as and when you want. Moreover, you can use it the way you like depending on your needs like bathing kids or washing your hair, etc.

Nowadays, style is what every homeowner looks forward to in everything installed in a home. The shower heads come with an elegant and sophisticated design. They can change the entire look of any bathroom. If you’re planning to upgrade your bathroom, you can consider this type of showerhead can give to add a modern feel to your space.

Unlike awall-mounted shower head that is positioned on the wall, a rain shower head with handheld comes with better coverage and flexibility. You do not need to twist or turn to get each side of spray on your body. You can use it freely the way you want and get a superb drenching experience.

Flexible Hose
Most people don’t consider ergonomics in the bathroom, but this concept applies everywhere. Having an extra-long hose gives you the flexibility to sit in the shower and to get clean yourself. Hand-held shower heads let you easily reach the different areas of your body.

When it comes to washing children, you get to avail the full benefit of a shower. Children are tricky to handle and when they are covered with mud, that means you need to put in extra effort to clean them. These showerheads enable you to rinse them off first and then bathe for that final cleaning. Serious can safely sit down and using hand-held, they can easily clean up themselves.

Why go for a Rain shower head with a handheld?
Beautifully crafted using solid metal, the rain shower head with handheld is a finely built shower head that will add delight to your bathing experience. The rain shower head comes in different finishes like chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, and brushed nickel. It comes with the flexibility of 360-degree rotation with a flow rate of 2.5 GPM. The connection material is usually brass and it comes with a warranty as well. It is an easy DIY installation which makes it flexible to use.

Tips to Choose a Shower Head
If you do not find the idea of getting into a bathtub interesting enough and rather prefer experiencing the rainfall shower while bathing, then you should choose a rain shower head. This overhead shower offers you the best showering experience and adds luxury to your space. With so many options to choose from, you can find the one that fits your needs the best.  Any existing Shower mixer will be used on shower walls and fix shower arm on wall.

Before picking a shower head, consider the following aspects to get a perfect buy.

Water Pressure
It is important to check the water pressure before buying a shower head because it will make the entire difference to your bathing experience. However, most shower heads offer a spray adjusting feature that can serve the purpose.

Multi-function Showers
Various showers offer you different flows like waterfall, rain, mist, and revolve. You can pick the one according to your mood. However, rain shower head with handheld is the most preferred one for a spa like experience experience.

Shower Head Size
Pick the size of the shower as per the dynamics of your bathroom. It is best to choose the ideal size that should not be too small or too large. You can take consultation from the store representative as well who will help you pick the right size.

Temperature Control
If your county experiences different types of weather, then you need to pick the showerhead that comes with a temperature control feature. By controlling water temperature as per your needs will help you have a relaxing bath in cold or hot weather.

Proper Shower Head Positioning
Before picking the shower design, you should consider the fact that where to position this. If you want a rain-like experience, a rain shower head is the best. However, if you want water coming directly to your head then you should consider choosing the showerhead accordingly.