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Rain Shower Heads – Are They Really Great?

rain shower head

Rain shower heads are the conventional form of showerheads that you see in most bathrooms. Water trickles down the showerhead like in the rain, thus drenching you within a few minutes. Till a few decades back, the rain shower head was the only option available in bathroom fittings.

But ever since the advent of other forms of showerheads like waterfall and mist showerheads, people have started thinking about the efficacy of rain shower heads. Are rain shower heads really great as they are made out to be? Does it provide a complete drenching experience like other showerheads?

Let us have a look at a few of the pros and cons of a rain shower head.

Pros of Rain Showerhead

• If you want an aesthetic design in your bathroom, the rain shower head is the best choice. The chrome finish and classic design of the showerhead makes it a perfect choice for a luxurious setting. Some rain showerheads even come with LED lights that provide a glamorous look to the bathroom.

• Rain shower head provides a relaxing experience to the user. Water trickles down through your body just like rain, thus providing you a feel that you are standing right outside in the rain. Thus, if showering is more about relaxation than a quick wash, a rain shower head is a great option for you.

• Rain shower head comes with low flow and water-saving options. Thus, if you are serious about conserving water, a rain shower head is a great choice.

• Rain shower head is very easy to clean as it has rubberized nozzles. The anti-clogging feature of the nozzle makes cleaning rather easy. All you have to do is wipe the nozzle with a cloth.

• Rain shower heads come with advanced features like multiple spray setting and temperature control.

Cons of Rain Shower head

• A rain shower head, especially a fixed overhead shower head, does not concentrate on all parts of the body. The water trickles down straight from the overhead shower, and you need to move yourself to wash all parts of the body.

• Washing under a rain shower head takes time as the water does not have a strong spray. Several people who have installed a rain showerhead, go for an alternate showerhead for a quick shower. Thus, the rain showerhead calls for additional investment.

• If you want a good massaging effect for your body, rain showerhead is not a good option. The showerhead forces water only on your head and shoulder. If you want a good massaging effect for your back or other parts of the body, rain showerhead is not a great choice.

• When compared to other types of showerheads, a rain showerhead is expensive. The low-end model may not cost much. But high-end model of showerheads are very expensive.


If you want to provide a luxurious look to the bathroom with a relaxing setting, a rain showerhead is the best choice. The different finishes and styles in which these showerheads are designed make it a classic addition to your bathroom. You can easily convert your dull and plain bathroom to a glamour room, by going for a rain shower head.