Bathroom Shelves

Types of Bathroom Shelves for a Stylish Bathroom

bathroom shelf

It is Smart storage solutions are a must-have for modern bathrooms. It not only keeps the bathroom well organized and arranged but also provides a stylish and elegant look to it. By carefully selecting the storage options, you can even create an illusion of space in the bathroom. Bathroom shelves are the right choice when it comes to storage solutions for the bathroom. 

Why Should You Go For Bathroom Shelves? 

There are various benefits of using shelves in the bathroom. 

  • Organized look: Bathroom shelves provide an organized and clean look to the bathroom. Cleaning and maintaining the bathroom becomes easy if you have a bathroom shelf. You do not have to remove the objects that are scattered around as all are neatly organized in one place.
  • Easy to locate: Items store on a bathroom shelf will have a designated place. If you want to locate the item in the future, it becomes rather easy.
  • Quality material: Bathroom shelves are often made of high-quality material that is water-resistant.  It does not get damaged easily when exposed to humid condition inside the bathroom. Moreover, they are an inexpensive way to create a storage solution in the bathroom. 
  • Available in different styles: Bathroom shelves are available in different styles and patterns and you can choose one depending on the overall style of decor of your bathroom. 

What Are the Different Types of Bathroom Shelves?

Shelves based on design

Storage shelves: As the name suggests, these are shelves that are meant for storage purposes. It helps to declutter the bathroom and creates an organized look to it.

Storage shelves are either closed shelves or open shelves. Shelves with both closed and open options are also available. Open shelves are meant for storing bathroom accessories that would double up as decorative pieces like rolled towels and wicker baskets. Closed shelves can be used to store toiletries like toothpaste and brush, and soap, and shampoo. 

Storage shelves are mostly made of wood, though glass shelves are also available. 

Corner shelves: These are shelves that are placed in the corner of the bathroom. Corner shelves are mostly used in small bathrooms where space is a major constraint. A corner shelf creates a compact look and makes the bathroom look spacious. It is normally placed in the shower room and sink area of the bathroom.

Corner shelves are mainly available as open shelves and can be used for storing toiletries and decorative pieces. They are either made of glass or metal and you can choose one depending on the decor style of your bathroom. 

Floating shelves: Floating shelves are small shelves that are fixed on the wall. Because of the small size of the shelf, it frees up a lot of space on the wall. Thus, the bathroom looks spacious and less cluttered.

A floating shelf can be fixed either as a single piece or multiple pieces can be fixed to create a focal point. Most of the floating shelves also come with hooks at the bottom where you can hang towels. 

Floating shelves are mostly made of wood, though metal shelves are also available. 

Concealed shelves

Juno New Black Wall Concealed 3 Racks Bathroom Shelf


These are shelves that are in-built onto the wall. You should make provision for such shelves at the time of constructing the house. These types of shelves are available as open or closed shelves and you can go for one as per your choice. They are also available as plain or patterned ones like Juno New Black Wall Concealed 3 Racks Bathroom Shelf.

Shelves based on installation

Wall-mounted shelves: As the name suggests, these are shelves that are mounted on the wall. Wall-mounted shelves are available in different designs and colors to suit all types of bathrooms. While selecting a wall-mounted shelf, you should ensure that it blends in well with the color of the wall on which it is mounted.

Wall-mounted shelves can either be open or closed. Some even come with both closed and open options with hooks under the shelf for hanging towels. This type of shelves is best suited for small bathrooms where floor space is less. 

Freestanding shelves: These are shelves that you can place on the floor and hence are best suited for large bathrooms. The shelves are available in different sizes to suit all types of bathrooms. A freestanding shelf can either be a corner shelf, one that sits parallel to the wall or fixed over the toilet. Freestanding shelves are also available as an open or closed shelf.

What Materials Are Used For Making Bathroom Shelves?

Bathroom shelves are available in wood, glass, and metal

Wood bathroom shelves: The peculiarity of the bathroom is that it is always moist. Thus, the wood should be carefully selected so that it does not get damaged. Solid wood, plywood, and MDF are the most commonly used material for bathroom shelf. These types of wood are highly durable and withstand the moist condition inside the bathroom. Moreover, they have an aesthetic appeal that adds to the elegance of the room.

Wood shelves are available as wall-mounted and freestanding shelves. 


Glass bathroom shelves: If you want to provide a minimalistic touch to your bathroom yet make it look stylish, then glass shelves are a great choice. Glass shelves are made of tempered glass that is tough and durable. It does not scratch easily and requires less maintenance. Moreover, glass shelves are easier to clean when compared to wood and metal shelves.

Glass shelves are mostly available as wall mounted shelves. 

Metal bathroom shelves

Juno Built in Bathroom Shelves Brushed Bronze Multipurpose Wall Double Shelves


Metal shelves are made of strong and sturdy materials like stainless steel and aluminum alloy. These shelves are rust-resistant and can withstand the humid condition inside the bathroom. The main advantage of metal shelves is that you can get them designed in various finishes. Bronze, antique, black, and white are a few of the finishes in which metal shelves are available. 

It is also possible to design metal shelves as wall mounted shelves. 

Final Thought

Bathroom shelves are a must have to provide a complete look to the bathroom. It is both a functional and decorative piece that can change the overall look of the bathroom. But carefully selecting bathroom shelves that blend with the overall design of the bathroom you can take your bathroom decor to a completely new level.