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Bathroom Light Fixture For A Stylish Bathroom

Vanity Bathroom Light Fixture

A bathroom light fixture is are a very essential part of any bathroom. It adds to the functionality and beauty of a bathroom . If your bathroom is old-fashioned and you want to make it modern and give it a new look and feel then installing new bathroom lighting is the right way to go. 

There are many types of bathroom light fixture that can make your bathroom stylish and relaxed. A few of the popular lighting fixtures you can use in your bathroom are 

  • Vanity Lights
  • Flush Mount Lights
  • Semi-Flush Mounts
  • Recessed Lights
  • Night Lights
  • Chandeliers
  • Pendant Lights
  • Wall sconces

Vanity Bathroom Light Fixture

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Vanity lights are those that are installed on top of the vanity. The vanity and mirror are the focal points of a bathroom. A vanity light helps draw attention to these focal points. 

Vanity lights are available in different shapes, styles, and designs. Since every bathroom is different, vanity lights are also available in different designs to suit all types of bathrooms. They are available either as single pieces or as a bar with multiple lights attached to them. 

Vanity lights are made of ceramic, metal, and glass. If you want to provide a minimalistic look to the bathroom without an overpowering feel, ceramic lights are the right choice. This type of light is warm and its translucent surface softens the shadow created. 

If ceramic lights do not suit your bathroom, then metal or glass lights are the right choice. These types of bathroom light fixture come with a nickel and chrome finish and have a high-shine surface. If you want to provide an antique touch to your bathroom, then lights with antique finish are also available. 


Flush Mount Bathroom Light Fixture

These are lights with their base flushed against the ceiling. Since there is no gap between the ceiling and light, this type of light would be best suited for bathrooms with a low ceiling. Unlike vanity light, a flush mount light is not a focused light and can light up the entire bathroom. 

Flush mount lights are available in metal, glass, and plastic. Metal lights are available in chrome, copper, and stainless steel finish. Glass lights are available in clear glass, etched glass, and frosted glass. Just like glass lights, plastic lights can also be etched, tinted or diffused. 


Semi-Flush Mount Bathroom Light Fixture

A semi flush mount light is similar to a flush mount light but has a small gap between the ceiling and the light. When you switch on the light, it provides an uplift effect. If you want to provide a stylish look to your bathroom while keeping the room well lit, the semi-flush mount light is the right choice. 

Like flush mount lights, the semi flush mount lights are also available in metal and glass. 


Recessed Lights

These are lights that are in-built onto the ceiling through a hole. Once installed, it looks as if the light is coming out of a hole. The light will be facing downwards and resemble a broad floodlight or a narrow spotlight. 

The recessed lights are best suited for bathrooms with a low ceiling. They are water-resistant and can be used in humid condition inside the bathroom. Moreover, they can light up the entire bathroom without taking much space. 


Night Lights

These are small low powered lights that are used to light up the bathroom during the night. It provides enough light to the bathroom without causing disturbance to others. These night lights can be attached either to the wall on the toilet or under the bathroom cabinet. 



If you want to create a style statement in the bathroom, chandeliers are the best option. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and finishes and create a sophisticated look in the bathroom. 

Since chandeliers take up more space than a flush-mounted or recessed light, it is best to install them in bathrooms that are at least 150 sq feet in measurement. But if you want to create a style statement in a small bathroom, then small chandeliers without much accessories will be a good choice. 

The slope and height of the ceiling should also be considered while purchasing a chandelier. If your bathroom has a sloped roof, then a wide chandelier should hang down further so that the sides of the chandelier do not hit the ceiling. 


Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are suspenders that are hung from the ceiling using a chain or a cord. It should be hung at such a height that it does not bump against your head. Pendant lights are normally hung near the vanity mirror. It can also be hung on a corner of the bathroom without causing inconvenience. 

Pendant lights are available in different shapes and designs. But the most commonly used type in a bathroom is the one with a single bulb enclosed in a cover. A pendant light can be used as a general light to brighten up the entire bathroom. 


Wall sconces

Wall scones are lights that are fixed on the wall. They do not have any base for support on the ground. In earlier times candle scones made of silver or brass were popular. Nowadays, wall scones are available in different sizes, shapes, and finishes and are one of the best lighting choices for bathrooms. 

One of the most popular types of wall scones is the flush-mounted wall scones that are flushed against the wall. It provides both up light and down light thereby brightening the whole bathroom. 



The beauty of a bathroom depends not just on the fittings and fixtures but also on the careful selection of bathroom lights. Since different varieties and types of lights are available for bathrooms, you should carefully study your needs before purchasing one. This helps you to make the right purchase.