Antique Brass Bathtub Faucets

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    Juno Romanian Antique Brass Finish Clawfoot Tub Faucet and Shower Set
    $441.60 Was: Regular Price $678.50 35% Off
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    Juno Three Handles Antique Brass Bathtub Faucet With Hand shower
    $447.57 Was: Regular Price $602.60 26% Off
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    Juno Antique Brass Finish Triple Handle BathTub Faucet with Sprayer
    $415.05 Was: Regular Price $569.25 27% Off
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    Juno Claw Foot Antique Bronze Bathtub Mixer Faucet Ceramic Handles
    $437.61 Was: Regular Price $563.50 22% Off
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    Juno New Antique Design Claw Foot Bronze Bathtub Faucet
    $426.59 Was: Regular Price $563.50 24% Off
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    Juno Solid Brass Antique Design Claw Foot Wall Mount Bathtub Faucet
    $391.84 Was: Regular Price $537.35 27% Off
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    Juno New Design Antique Bronze Bathtub Faucet Wall Mount Shower Faucet
    $415.85 Was: Regular Price $563.50 26% Off
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    Juno Deck Mount Antique Brass Body Claw Foot Bathtub faucet with Hand Held Shower Head
    $389.69 Was: Regular Price $517.50 25% Off

12 Items

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Antique Brass Bathtub Faucets for a Traditional Style Bath Tub

When selecting a bathtub faucet, it is very important that it blends with the overall style of the bathtub. This is particularly important for a clawfoot style bathtub, where the faucet selected should match with the overall finish of the foot. This can be achieved by going for bathtub faucets with special finish. The antique brass bathtub faucet is one such faucet that can provide that unique touch to your bathtub.

We, at Juno showers, stock up on a range of antique brass bathtub faucets to suit your requirements. We have faucets in different designs and styles to provide that unique touch to your bathroom. For clawfoot bathtubs, we have stylishly designed faucets with a Victorian touch. Faucets in arc and curved shapes are designed for standard bathtubs. All antique brass bathtub faucets come with a hand shower that adds to its functionality.

A unique feature of our antique brass bathtub faucet is that it is available in both contemporary and antique designs. Faucets are available with dual and triple handles to control the flow of water and adjust the water temperature.

Are antique brass bathroom Faucets worth the money?

If you have a standard or clawfoot bathtub and wants to provide a unique look to it, then the antique brass bathroom faucets are worth the investment. The main reason is that brass is a strong and highly durable material. Once invested, it will last for years. The perfect combination of zinc and copper adds to the strength of brass. Brass faucets does not get rusted or worn off easily. While purchasing an antique brass bathroom faucet, the initial investment can be high. But it helps to save money in the long run.

Antique brass bathtub faucets provide a stylish and elegant look to your bathtub, which no other metal can offer. The faucet comes with a bronze undertone that provides an aged look to it. This adds to the beauty of the faucet.

How to maintain an antique brass bathtub faucet?

Cleaning and maintaining an antique brass bathtub faucet is not a tough task. All you need is soapy water and microfiber cloth to wipe and clean it. Commercially available cleaning products can also be used for cleaning the faucet. But you should not use any abrasives for cleaning as it can leave scratch. You should also remember to keep it dry after every use so that it remains clean.

For high-quality antique brass bathtub faucets, Juno showers is the place to be. Our faucets are available in different price ranges to suit the requirements of our customers. Moreover, our antique brass bathtub faucets come with an installation manual which makes the installation process rather easy. Provide a sophisticated look to your bathtub with antique brass bathtub faucets from Juno showers.