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Shower Heads - Rainfall and Waterfall Shower Heads

Hotel type waterfall shower heads with chrome finish, elegant vessel sinks, and beautiful lighting are just a few of the most popular design choices for bathroom remodel.

When selecting a brand new shower head you have to research a lot to find the best unit for your money. First of all decide the type of shower head you want: top mount, handheld, sliding bar, or standard wall mount. Most effective shower heads offer aerating technology. They mix air and water to create the most sensual showering experience possible. You will love the waterfall. Wonderful waterfall shower heads and rainfall shower heads which use less water both save money and improve sustainability.

Finest rainfall shower heads with LED lights are currently a favorite fixture at several hotels and resorts and the top seller for residential homes alike. The modern rainfall shower heads offered on the Juno’s website improve bathing experiences while saving on water. They may have many different finishes like oil rubbed bronze, chrome, gold tone and aged copper. You can get an attractive discount from 15% up to 50% on most of the products displayed on the website.

Besides plenty of new products are introduced, such as water-saving flow restrictors, aerated shower heads, water trackers and pre-timers. Many awesome rainfall shower heads are part of the stainless steel shower wall panels or come in set with very convenient massage jets. They have such comfortable features as standard plumbing connection, durable performance and easy installation. These factors guarantee an enjoyable shower experience