Dual Shower Heads

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  1. JUNO
    Juno Dual Rain Handheld Shower Set
    $105.16 Was: Regular Price $188.55 44% Off
  2. JUNO
    Juno Modern Design Chrome Finish Dual LED Shower Head with 3 Way Diverter Shower Arm Wall Mount
    $119.44 Was: Regular Price $223.10 46% Off
  3. JUNO
    Juno Super Quality Wall Mount Chrome Finish Luxury 4 Function Dual Shower Head
    $178.69 Was: Regular Price $228.85 22% Off
  4. JUNO
    Juno Dual 3 Way Multi Setting Dual Rainfall Handheld Showerhead Showerhead Set
    $160.67 Was: Regular Price $266.41 40% Off
  5. JUNO
    Juno 3 Way Handheld Rainfall Shower Head with Arm Combo
    $110.00 Was: Regular Price $197.75 44% Off
  6. JUNO
    Juno Wall Mount Chrome Finish Waterfall and Rainfall Dual Square Shower Head
    $179.84 Was: Regular Price $263.35 32% Off
  7. JUNO
    Juno Water Powered Color Changing LED Dual Shower Head Wall Mount 3 Way Diverter
    $177.85 Was: Regular Price $228.85 22% Off
  8. JUNO
    Juno Brushed Nickle 5 Function Shower Head with Handheld Shower
    $172.74 Was: Regular Price $217.35 21% Off
  9. JUNO
    Juno 2 In 1 Waterfall/Rainfall Shower Head and Handheld Shower Faucet
    $71.00 Was: Regular Price $123.80 43% Off
  10. JUNO
    Juno Chrome 3-Way Bathroom Head & Handheld Rainfall Shower
    $66.00 Was: Regular Price $102.35 36% Off

13 Items

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Add to the Style Quotient of the Shower with Dual Shower Heads

What makes a shower beautiful and performs to its fullest are the shower heads. The shower heads not only control the flow of water in the shower but also ups the style quotient of the bathroom.

What is a Dual Shower Head?

Dual shower head is one in which two units are fixed on a single shower head. Dual shower head typically comes with a fixed shower and a handheld shower. The units can be different in size and function. The water flow on each showerhead is controlled individually. Thus, you can operate both the heads at the same time.

Does dual shower head consume more water?  

Ideally speaking, dual showerhead consumes more than the average 2.5 GPM of water, which is the permissible limit. But there are showerheads with 2.31 GPM of water flow, which is less than the maximum permissible limit. Thus, if you are more concerned about water conservation, you can go for a dual showerhead with a lower GPM. On the other hand, if continuous and strong water flow is what you prefer, then you can opt for a showerhead with an average of 2.5 GPM.

Why should you choose a dual shower head?

Firstly, a dual showerhead provides a pleasant, showering experience. You get more shower spray while using a dual showerhead. Another advantage is that two people can take a shower at the same time while using a dual showerhead. This helps in saving time on a daily basis. Kids can have a fun time taking a shower when a dual shower head is installed in their bathroom.