Brushed Gold Shower Head

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  1. JUNO
    Juno Lava Wall Mount Color Changing LED Gold Finish Shower Set with Handheld Shower Head
    $920.23 Was: Regular Price $1,247.40 26% Off
  2. JUNO
    Juno Brushed Gold LED Rain Shower Head Square Thermostatic Shower Mixer
    $649.00 Was: Regular Price $768.00 15% Off
  3. JUNO
    Juno Wall Mount Gold Finish Bathroom Shower-Head with Shower Mixer
    $563.50 Was: Regular Price $821.10 31% Off
  4. JUNO
    Juno Square Curved Gold Single Handle Wall Mount Shower with Hand-Held Shower
    $745.20 Was: Regular Price $956.95 22% Off
  5. JUNO
    Juno Round Gold Wall Mount Single Handle Bathroom Shower
    $328.85 Was: Regular Price $481.35 32% Off
  6. JUNO
    Juno Amazing Round Gold Single Handle Wall Shower with Hand-Held Shower
    $607.80 Was: Regular Price $810.20 25% Off
  7. JUNO
    Juno Luxury LED Round 16 inches Gold Finish Wall Mount Shower Head
    $338.10 Was: Regular Price $507.15 33% Off

8 Items

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Brushed Gold Showerhead For A Rich Look

Provide your bathroom with a rich and vibrant look with the brushed gold showerhead. It is a signature piece in your bathroom that provides an altogether new look. It highlights the key features of the bathroom and positively bounces the overall decor. 

At Juno showers, we have brushed gold showerheads in different styles and features. We have showerheads of different sizes in round and rectangular shapes. A few even come with LED lights that add a glamorous touch to your bathroom. All showerheads are wall-mounted and create a sleek and elegant look in the bathroom. We have showerheads that are attached to the wall using shower arms. Some are attached to a long pole that is fixed on the wall. Yet another type of showerhead is directly fixed onto the wall without any shower arm. 

The brushed gold showerhead comes as a single piece. It is also available as part of a shower system with a hand shower and faucet. The showerheads come with single and dual handles that help divert water flow easily. 

If you are looking for top quality brushed gold shower head to provide a rich look to your bathroom, browse from our wide range of collections.