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40 inch Rain Shower Head with LED Lights - Handheld Jetted Body Shower

40" LED Shower head with handheld shower, it has amazing 6 jetted body shower which gives you a great shower massage pleasure. Its LED lights give you an ultimate and enjoyable shower experience every day and every morning.

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Product Description


40 inch LED Rain Shower Head Set, Complete with Mixer and Body Jets

LED Shower Head, multilevel mixer & Shower Spout

  1. Saturating Spray; Massage Spray; Bubbling Spray
  2. Multi-function solid brass control valve.
  3. Drip Free Ceramic disc cartridge for smooth and long lasting operation
  4. Easy to clean for non-tarnish life shine
  5. Self-powered by Water. No Battery nor Electricity needed.
  6. Complete with all the installation accessories
  7. Stainless steel shower hose double hooked Ø0.55"
  8. Anti-Twist Brass Conical Nut & Brass Hex Nut
  9. Made of solid brass
  10. Drip-Free ceramic disc valves

Color changing tempreture:-

  • Green:-  when water tempreture goes ≤89 °F  (≤32 °C)
  • Blue   :-  when water tempreture goes 97 to 107 °F (36-42 °C)
  • Red   :-  when water tempreture goes 109 to 122 °F (43-50 °C)
 Showerhead Length  40"
 Showerhead Width  20"
 Material  Stainless Steel
 Finish  Brushed
 Showerhead Style  Contemporary Rain Shower
 Mount Method  Ceiling Mount
 Connection  1/2" US standard (included)
 Shower Arm  Included
 Multilevel Mixer  Included
 Stainless Steel Massage Jets  Quantity 6

JUNO SHOWERS Led shower head look nice,longer lifetime,environmental protection,novel,high-grade. we design and produce round, square and rectangle shower head, we have different kinds of shower head, brass chrome, stainless steel brushed, stainess steel mirror, oil rubbered bronze, nicle brushed and so on.

All our shower head can come with led light. Light flash bring you new enjoy. We pay attention to QC, good After-sales service, make sure our shower heads is good quality, and every clients have a good buying experience.

Our factory unique vision to capture the market trend and the trend, producing best 304 stainless steel shower head, do our best supply the best goods and best service to our factory.

LED shower head characteristics as follows:

Brass shower head Introduction:
1) LED quantity: 24 pcs led lights
2) LED light color: Blue/Green/Red (light change according the water temperature)
     A. When the water temperature is ≤29c, Blue will show automatically
     B. When the water temperature is between 30c~39c,Green will show automatically
     C. When the water temperature is between 40c~49c, Red color will show automatically
     D. When the water temperature is ≥53c, RED color will flash automatically
3) Material: Brass
4) Color: Silver
5) Finish: Chrome plated
7) Water perssure required: 0.1-0.5Mpa
8) When water down, led light will turn on
9) Low water flow: 7L/min
10) As the built-in device generating electricity without the battery and any other power connets to water, LED will emit the light
11) Thread size:G1/2 female
12) Multiple color: 1. White; 2. Green; 3. Red; 4. Blue; 5. Yellow; 6. Purple; 7. cyan

The light can change one color every 3 to 5 seconds so that the rainbow colors are showing gradually.

LED shower head data:
Polishing: Adopting advanced belt sander to polish for 8 times. Flat and straight lines, polished for 9 times. Finally clear light treated by woolen wheel.
Chrome: Advanced plating technology, After 24 hours two acid copper, double Nickel, chrome plated again in. Good electroplated layer connection, closed adhesion, even color, strong corrosion resistance.
Product inspection: Stict test system,100% tested before selling.No water leakage,the surface is dry.If drops are on the surface, it`s nomal.
Moulding: Novel and unique,creative. The surface is bright, elegant.
Lead-bearing standard: Removal of lead (Pb) processing, accord with the national lead-bearing standard
Cleaning: 1, use cotton cloth clean shower, in case of scratch. Cleaning the surface regularly, keep clean. Don`t use the rubbing cleanser, hard cloth, steel ball or acid cleanser, soap.

1. Before fixing, the dirty water, detritus should be cleaned away, avoiding blocking.
2. The faucet should be correctly connected with the warm and cold pipes. Facing the faucet, the left is connected with warm water, the other side is cold water.
3. Examine the fixing size, don`t fix it violently avoiding breaking the parts.
4. Cleaning the surface regularly, keep clean. Don`t use the rubbing cleanser, hard cloth, steel ball or acid cleanser, soap.

Installation Details:
See the installation instruction.

No harm to human body, consistent with environmental protection, clean water for your health

Note: clean water tube before installation,in case of shower head be damaged.

40 inch Rain Shower Head Installation Instructions

Additional Information

Additional Information

Installation Type Ceiling Mount
Finish Type: Brushed Nickel


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Q:We are currently looking for 9 of these shower heads. Could you provide me with price and availability plus shipping. They need to be shipped to Chandler AZ 85246. Please advise.

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Thank you for contacting us, Yes it is available in the stock and also we will ship within 24 hours. We will provide discount for the bulk orders. 

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September 21, 2017

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