White Medicine Cabinet

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  1. JUNO
    Juno 24 Inch Bathroom Medicine Cabinets
    $230.40 Was: Regular Price $332.35 31% Off
  2. JUNO
    Juno White Wood Medicine Cabinets Wall Mount
    $340.40 Was: Regular Price $412.85 18% Off
  3. JUNO
    4 Tier Large Bathroom Medicine Cabinet With Mirror
    $342.70 Was: Regular Price $570.40 40% Off
  4. JUNO
    White Color Mirrored Wall Mount Bathroom Storage Cabinet
    $228.00 Was: Regular Price $309.35 26% Off
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    Mirrored White Bathroom Cabinet Single Door Storage
    $264.00 Was: Regular Price $376.05 30% Off
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    Medicine Cabinet Organizer Wall Mount White Cabinet
    $262.80 Was: Regular Price $378.35 31% Off

7 Items

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White Medicine Cabinet To Open Up Space


White color can open up space and provide an airy and bright look to your bedroom or bathroom. The best way to design a small space is to go for white walls and fixtures that create an illusion of space.

The white medicine cabinet from Juno showers not only adds to the functionality of your bathroom but also creates an openness in your bath area. They are sure to provide a vast and spacious look to your otherwise small bathroom.

Our white recessed medicine cabinet comes with a mirror in the front that makes your personal grooming easy. The cabinet on the back can be used for storing your toiletries and other grooming products. The white bathroom medicine cabinet is available in different designs. We have single door cabinets with two-tier storage space. Another type of single door cabinet comes with open shelves on both sides. The double door cabinets are large, with both big and small shelves within.

All our wall mount white medicine cabinet with mirror are wall-mounted, thus saving the floor space. The cabinets are made of high-quality wood that can withstand the humid condition inside the bathroom. Thus, they are highly durable. The hardware used in the cabinets is also of superior quality that does not rust or gets worn off easily.

The white wood medicine cabinet from Juno showers is available in different price ranges. Thus, customers can select one depending on their budget. Excellent quality at affordable rates is what makes our white medicine cabinets stand out.