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6 Bathroom Design & Decoration Ideas

6 Bathroom Design & Decoration Ideas

Every home goes through various means of up-gradation to sync with the latest in design. However, there are certain rooms in the house where the design and decor style changes year after year. A bathroom is one such room where rapid changes occur both in its layout and style of decor.

What is a Modern Bathroom and Bathroom Decoration?

A modern bathroom is one that is minimalistic and simple, with clean lines and minimal colors. All the fixtures and fittings of the bathroom remodel will be trendy and modern, where beauty and functionality go hand in hand.

Bathroom Design & Decoration Ideas

Here are some design ideas to provide a modern touch to your bathroom.

1. Walls: Simplicity is the essence of a modern bathroom. As such, you should go for neutral and subtle shades like white and beige. Keep the wall cutter free by going for in-built cabinets. Store toiletries and other products away from sight. This not only helps to free up space but also provides a spacious look to the bathroom.

Wall tiles should be simple with geometric shapes without any bold prints or patterns.
2. Freestanding tub: A freestanding bathtub is another key feature of a modern bathroom. Think out of the box and go for a rectangular tub instead of oval ones. You can make the freestanding tub the focal point of the bathroom.

3. Shower fittings: Instead of the round showerheads common in most of the bathrooms, you can opt for a square shower head. This type of showerhead not only provide a modern touch to the bathroom but also creates a luxurious look. For a more relaxed and calming vibe, you can go for a rain shower head.

4. Variety of finishes: Gone are the days when chrome fixtures were widely used. Now fixtures in various other finishes like black, oil rubbed bronze, gold, and brushed nickel are used to provide a modern touch to the bathroom. These finishes can be incorporated in faucets, vanity handles, and showerheads.

5. Provide a touch of greenery: A touch of greenery in a modern bathroom provides an elegant and sophisticated look. You can bring nature indoor by going for indoor plants. Potted plants can be placed in the bathroom corner, while small planters can be placed in the bathroom vanity. You can even opt for fresh flowers instead of plants.

Indoor plants not only add to the beauty of the bathroom but also purifies the air.

6. Bathroom lighting fixtures: All bathroom lighting fixtures should be upgraded to sync with the latest trend. Since the modern design is all about geometric shapes and lines, the same should be considered while purchasing bathroom light. Skylight is another trend that can also be incorporated into a modern bathroom.

Designing a bathroom is an art. It would help if you had an excellent aesthetic sense and a fair knowledge of modern bathroom design to make your bathroom as unique as possible.

working on a bathroom renovation either it is small bathroom or a master bathroom, one must find more information about bathroom design ideas in order to make small space bathroom into a space feel bathrooms.

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