About Commercial Orders

JunoShowers work with our partners, including designers, builders and architects, to select and identify the right products for their projects.

Different projects call for different types of products. For example, hotels have different requirements for bathroom and kitchen faucets. Public washrooms are different from those in luxury hotels and villas. Luxury villa owners look for more luxurious and high-end shower systems and faucets that could cater to the needs of their elite customers.

JunoShowers offer a wide range of bathroom fixtures to cater to the varying requirements of our partners. We offer shower sets, faucets, vanities, luxury bathtubs and bathtub faucets for hotels, villas and other commercial buildings.

We have worked with designers, architects and builders on several high-end projects in the USA and abroad. Juno Shower Luxury Bathroom Fixtures have gained a lot of popularity with our clients.

If you have any enquiry, please feel free to contact us with your project details below.

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