Commercial Shower Head & Faucets


Juno showers products are used for different types of ongoing new projects for hotels and restaurants. Juno has a wide range of products that will suit your specific needs whether you are looking to renovate an existing space or build something new. Juno showers products are high quality and durable, ensuring that your project will be a success.

Why a commercial sink faucet is a must-have for any hotel and café operator?


Juno Commercial Shower Head & Faucets


When it comes to keeping your guests happy and comfortable, having a bathroom faucet which is puposely made for commercial use, is a must. Here are some reasons why:

Ease of Use:

Having a well-functioning bathroom faucet is key to make your customers happy. Make sure to choose that is easy to use for a commercially use bathrooms.

  • Choose a singld handhel or dual handle faucet
  • A faucet with good height and long neck to make it easier to reach
  • Smooth and slow water flow instead of high pressure.


A stylish faucet can add personality to your bathroom and give it a finished look. Choose one that complements the other fixtures in your bathroom.

  • Choose a style that complements the other fixtures in your bathroom
  • Consider the shape of your bathroom and the type of faucet you need
  • Get a faucet that's easy to use and maintain
  • Choose a finish that will complement your bathroom decor


Choose a faucet that can be used with a variety of different sink types, including pedestal sinks and wall-mounted sinks.

  • Choose a faucet that can be used with a variety of different sink types, including pedestal sinks and wall-mounted sinks.
  • More flexibility when choosing a new faucet to install in your home.
  • It is also important to consider the height of the faucet in relation to the sink.
  • Some faucets are taller than others, so be sure to measure before you buy.


A quality sink faucet should last for years, even with heavy use. Make sure to choose one that is built to last.

  • Choose a sink faucet that is built to last
  • Look for one with a warranty
  • Consider the finish - you'll want one that will resist corrosion and tarnishing
  • Choose a style that appeals to you


What are the commercial shower heads?
Our commercial shower head and shower systems are designed to be used in hotels, farmhousesm apartments, universities and military bases. A powerfull water pressure with low water cunsumption to reduce water usage. Our commercial shower heads and shower systems are designed and built to last longer.

Basically our commercial shower head and shower systesm are mostly used by all types of public and commercail places.


Why Choose Juno Commercial Shower Head?

There are few main reasion to choose juno commercial shower head

  • High in quality for heavy usage.
  • Long lasting
  • Low water consumption
  • Easy to install and maintenance
  • 1 year service after sale
  • A wide range of different types of shower head and shower systems.


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