Free Shipping from Juno Showers - Terms and Conditions

In order to provide better customer experience and to save cost, Juno showers offer free shipping to all customers purchasing products above $99. We offer free shipping both nationally and internationally to countries in Europe, South America as well as Canada.

Products that qualify for our free shipping includes sensor faucets, bathroom faucets, bathroom tub faucets, standard showerheads, LED showerheads, jetted showers, hand showers, shower panels, shower systems, multi-color shower system. All our products will be shipped in a week to ten days’ time depending on the distance. In case of custom charges in any of the locations, the same should be borne by the purchaser.


Terms and Conditions


  • We offer free shipping of our products from our warehouse in Virginia, USA to both national and international customers.
  • Free shipping is offered for sensor faucets, LED showerheads, bathroom tub faucets, shower heads, jetted showers, hand showers and other bathroom accessories for international customers.
  • For our Canadian customers, we offer free shipping for shower panels, shower systems, sensor faucets, bathroom faucets, shower heads, jetted showers, hand showers, and other bathroom accessories.  
  • For European customers, we ship bathroom fixtures like faucets, shower set, shower head, and LED showers.
  • For customers in Brazil and South America, we offer free shipping of LED shower head, multi-color shower system, sensor touch-less faucets, bathroom faucets, shower heads, and body shower jets.
  • For all international shipping (other than to Canada) please provide 5-7 extra business days than the normal US shipping time.
  • For orders in Canada, please provide 4-6 extra business days than the normal US shipping time.
  • For European orders, customs charges, if any, levied should be borne by the customer.
  • Free shipping does not apply on large packages like bath tub, whirlpool or steam shower.
  • Damaged or defective product can be returned to Juno showers for replacement. But if the product is covered under “free shipping” we will only credit the amount of the returned good less outbound shipping charges incurred by us.
  • If you have any questions about free shipping to your country, please contact us at